The Story of Different Lavenders

Once upon a time, there were plenty of different lavender plants in France. It took lots of effort and love to cultivate the plants and gather them. The traditional lavender farming has a long story and its very interesting to research if you have time for it. But one day people discovered Lavandin, a plant which looks and smells like traditional lavender. It was easier and cheaper to grow, and everybody were exited. Forget the traditional lavender, lets grow lavandin! Woohoo! And they did that. One problem though… Lavendin does not produce seeds and has absolutely different abilities as lavender…


What does Young Living have to do with all this? Gary Yong, the founder of Young Living took the knowledge about traditional farming to USA in 80s. He also brought the seeds of different traditional lavender with him and began his story over the seas (you can read the story of young living here). At some point there were a real lavender seed crisis in France because of many farmers were growing lavandin. Gary brought the seeds back to France. Supporting the traditional cultivation and building one of his distilleries in Provence. He literally helped farmers to keep on their tradition and work. There is a special Provence Collection on Young Living product list and you can read more about the farm here.20180711_131348

This was the place where Ingrida and I spent our time. Ingrida almost lives there all the summer and I assume it will be a long winter in London for her after this lavender paradise. I promised I will tell you about different lavender types. This is very complicated to put shortly in a blog text. For all of you who are interested to learn more about it I recommend visiting Provence and its charming castle Simiane-la-Rotonde.

20180711_172915In this castle you will find Young Living Shop and its host Philipe who can answer all your questions about plants, oils, seeds, aromatherapy… basically everything about essential oils. Story from the source is always very exiting! You also can contact us which is a little bit easier and we will try to answer every question. But seriously, don’t hesitate and visit Provence because its unforgettable!

Meet the Lavender…

Fine/ true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), as it is often referred to, grows from 800 metres to 1800 metres above sea level, as a small cluster with 5-7 rows of single flowers on each stem. This helps us to differentiate fine lavender from lavandin. There is a variety of fine lavender called Maillette lavender. Whilst you may find many different varieties of Lavandula angustifolia in a field of fine lavender, Maillette lavender plants look almost like clones.

Spike lavender grows from 400 to 800meters. It has many spikes per stem and grows in large clusters. Like fine/ true lavender it reproduces by seed.

Wild true lavender is considered the best lavender in the world. It is pure and only grows where the conditions are ideal, between 700 and 1000 metres.

Wild lavender shares the same properties as the cultivated lavender, but also possesses a wider range of molecules, some of which are quite rare.  This is comparable to differences between meat from wild/organic sources and conventional meat. 20180711_172941

Lavandin grows between sea level and 800 metres above. It is a hybrid which came about through bees transporting pollen from the true lavender to the spike lavender. Like spike lavender it grows in very large, round clusters with 7-12 rows of single flowers on each stem. It either has 1,2, or 3 spikes. It may have 1 like the fine/ true lavender or 2 like the spike lavender, or it could have 3.
Much less expensive to grow than true lavender it is used on an industrial scale to scent many of the household products we use each day. Although often confused with true lavender it has a considerably less subtle aroma. Another contrast with true lavender is its comparative lack of health supporting benefits.
Lavandin does not produce seed. Reproduction is achieved by cutting which happens in autumn which leads to more wood. The cuttings are left in sandy soil throughout winter without light to grow roots, but not flowers. Although some farmers buy ready-to-plant plants, others have their own greenhouse for reproduction. Additionally, plants are also grown in greenhouses from seed. The cultivation of lavandin is highly industrialised and employs specialised machinery and equipment.


I took the information from the homepage of Young Living Provence which I highly recommend for looking up. For any other questions about the oils, visiting the farms, and learning more about the distillery process, contact us. We are always ready to share the stories and knowledge with you!

Lavender Fields in South France



This summer is really something. Lots of traveling, meeting new people, spending time with family, and the highlight spot South France! Ingrida and I decided to spend few days in a small beautiful village in South France where Young Living grows plants for essential oils and distillates them at the modern distillery just directly in front of the fields. That was a great experience to see how Young Living company is creating a unique environment for the plants and turning them to our precious therapeutic essential oils. Oh, I could brag here for hours about the deep violet colour of lavender fields, golden yellow Einkorn, clary sage, thyme and oregano! Blue sky, wonderful weather and lavender everywhere you look.

As a registered member of Young Living everyone has a chance to visit Young Living farms in France or Croatia. All you have to do is contact a member who helped you to register and they will provide you with information about upcoming group visits to Young Living plant farms.


In my next post I will tell you the story about 3 different types of Lavender and what Young Living has to do with saving the old sorts seeds of Lavender in France. For now, I just wanted to share a few impressions and pictures before I will start to explain about plants, distillery working process, and how these amazing nature gifts slowly travel to a small 15 or 5 ml bottles that fits even in a smallest purse!

Stay cool and breath in some Lavender😊


Why choose essential oils

I thought this post should be a small back in, because of very silent few months on our blog. So I have decided to put a simple list to resume reasonable, logical and fun facts about why one should start using essential oils. I could thing about over 100 reasons for it but lets just stay with 15 right now.

imagesAR6MME71I will try to keep this very simple and answer the question from my experiences why you should choose to integrate essential oils in your daily routine. Here are the facts why I would write this article: I am using them daily almost 2 years now. I couldn’t imagine one single day without them, really, it’s like brushing your teeth… I study lots of scientific literature about essential oils and there is no end to that. I have it always in my purse and share it with people if they need help. I don’t have any medication at my home since I started to inform myself how one can choose the alternative but not esoteric way (I mean if something works, it can be explained by chemistry and science and not because of some spiritual dude was braging about…)  I discover new things every month and love to give the information for those who are interested. So here are the reasons why you should choose essential oils and begin to use them actively instead of only reading the information and putting it for “someday”.

1.       It is natural and ecologically friendly product for which your body will thank you.

2.       It is safe to use for you, your family members  and pets thanks to philosophy and quality requirements of young living.

3.       They are easy to use and could be taken everywhere.

4.       It improves your life in so many levels like health, beauty, spiritual, emotional, sensual etc.

5.       You may use it for massages, in SPA and for unique therapeutic procedures.

6.       It helps you with healthy shiny hear and safes you plenty of time in hair care. imagesN3FED7PQ

7.       Essential oils can help you solve so many different skin problems that I would need an extra page to write it down.

8.       They help you witch dental hygiene and bad breath.

9.       There is a hole list of different diseases which can be prevented and healed with essential oils.

10.   They are totally a must if you enjoy active sport and meditation.

11.   You get the compliment “wow you smell incredible” quit often. 

12.   You get the compliment “wow your home smells incredible” every time.

13.   The knowledge about essential oils is not new. It has thousands of years history and is not a fast hype which will pass. The Plants and chemistry are amazing and science is catching on this fast.  

14.   It is addictive in a good way and you will never regret if you will begin the journey in to the essential oils world of experience and wisdom. 5121195566_b4e8f5ca94_z

15. Essential oils are biologically active and work in the level of your cells. And yes they smell incredible and your limbic system knows best how to react to every single of them. 

Conclusion. We are all different people with different hobbies, characters and field of interests but from my experiences even the biggest sceptical is amazed when properly introduced to essential oils and the possibilities which they give you every time are overwhelming. So why choose essential oils? Because you have a choice and you should give it a chance. 


Spring is in the air Part 2. Sports and muscle pain

Spring is a season for new goals in sport and personal fitness. Early sunny mornings and blooming nature makes it much easier for us to spend more time outside and planning our jogging, hiking or any other outside sport routine. However the first weeks can be devastating because no one wants to begin the training from level zero. It has to be fast, energetic and sweaty otherwise it doesn’t count… I am talking about me but I assume that I’m not only person who makes this mistake. I just don’t have patience to start slow and build up, if I do sports it has to be full power. So if it’s a bike tour it has to be at least 20 km and if I start muscle training at the gym it has to be one hour of intensive workout. No wonder that I have massive muscle pain after these power ups… But to tell yourself that you are not in a good shape after 4 months of lazy winter is embarrassing, so I better stick with muscle pain…

I would like to share with you some information about 3 essential oils from Young Living which are my number one when it comes to muscle pain. All of those I use topically diluted with carrier oil (coco nut, almond etc.). They are truly amazing and can be used after any sport activity which you prefer. Like I already mentioned before my favourite activities are biking, jogging and muscle training in gym. I recommend to try these essential oils if you want to avoid so called after workout hangover.

Aroma Siez is a blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint and Cypress essential oils. It helps to sooth the muscle pain after workout and exercise of any type from stretching to intensive cardio workouts. It also can help avoid pain in your feet after a long working day if you have to stand for long periods of time. Massaging it to your shoulders and neck helps to take long day tension and to relax your shoulder line muscles. I normally apply it directly after the workout and shower on slightly wet skin with some almond oil to those areas which I feel tomorrow will hurt the most. 20170314_153247

The second oil which I would  recommend after an intensive mountain hiking tour or longer jogging interval is Wintergreen. Wintergreen is one of those oils with very strong smell of medicine and I bet you know the smell if you have ever had back muscle problems and used some creams or warming plasters from a doctor. I have to be honest, I use this oil not so often because the smell is very annoying for me and I see it as pure medical oil for those cases when I know no stretching will help me now and I will not be able to step out of my bed tomorrow… My boyfriend who already ran a full marathon is using it after every longer training and he is very happy with the results.

Wintergreen is very powerful oil and has to be always diluted before using. It is most known for its use against rheumatism, arthritis and bone or joint pain. The list of abilities, which this oil provides is quit long and you can find lots of information online about its medical properties. Just to name few: analgesic, eliminates pain, relaxes muscle tension, simulates circulation of blood in applied area and speeds up the removal of toxins, reduces spasms, antiseptic etc. So if you came home after a workout that was over your limits and your muscles still tremble because of the stress I would recommend a massage with wintergreen every 8 hours or even before stretching if you skipped that part.img_4158

The last but not least is Basil essential oil which is great if you thought “oh it was not so much what I did today I think I will be fine” and the next day you feel that you have muscles in places where you wouldn’t expect it to be… That happens if you are trying something new like climbing or some new workout where you train groups of deep muscles. Or you just think that the exercises outside have the same effect as in gym. I can tell you really honesty that working out with a bench outside on sunny morning means unexpected positions and use of different power resources. It hurts like hell the next day because one underestimates small changes, motivation kick and long winter months spent on couch…

32358647090_5e79ec8b9c_z (1)So what does Basil do? Firstly it is also analgesic like Wintergreen and reliefs pain when used topically. It does a great job when it comes to healing fatigued or aching muscles and is a source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and antibacterial agents. Aromatically used it provides clarity and mental strength. I apply it undiluted on stressed area with a little bit of water and massage it deeply through the pain. Afterwards I put some carrier oil because Basil can cause unpleasant burn on the skin. Most of the time it worked for me to fight strong muscle pain which is caused by physical activity and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who likes to push themselves to the limit and realises that only the next day.

I hope you enjoys some of this information and I would be glad if you leave a comment. If you are interested to buy some of these oils or would like to be part of our team, which means that I will be consulting you privately, please go to my contact page  and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or share your experiences and opinion.

Spring is in the air! Part 1.

Long waited and feared spring season is finally stepping in! Long waited because of sun, blooming nature and longer days. But let’s be honest after a lazy wintertime our fitness levels, skin, immune system and lots of other things are not working on high levels. Normally because of changing weather depression, flue and migraine stands in the same row as sunny weather, spring flowers and romantic feelings. But we can change all that if we concentrate on some of the aspects of our body and mind care. This will be a row of few posts with tips, ideas and goals which I would love to share with you and maybe make your spring even sunnier!

How did my morning started on 1st of March… I overslept everything, I stayed in bed reading some crap posts on Facebook and different tragedies which the newspapers loves to write about so much. This was a normal holiday morning when I step out of bed at 10.30 AM even though I promised myself I will wake up early and go to a sport club. It snowed and rained outside… very motivating isn’t it. When I finally got myself out of bed I remembered that this is my last week of holydays before the semester begins and I will be running from one place to another like crazy. So I pulled myself together opened my fridge and made some vegetable detoxing juice to get my stomach working and motivating my ego to change this day to something more suitable for spring. 17093176_10154457188347198_716713854_o16999135_1313640582057999_4879532247926409066_n

I jumped into my jogging outfit and went for a long walk with some jogging intervals. I took Orange essential oil to motivate myself and keep the mood up even if it was no sun. That walk was actually great for my motivation to work and plan things and Orange oil did its job perfectly.

Afterwards I took a shower and made it my scrub day where I was washing the dead cells from the surface of the skin and lazy bad thoughts out of my head. The skin is really dry after winter season. Lemon, Grapefruit or Lime essential oils mixed with some almond or coconut oil helps your skin to regenerate fast and has an amazing impact on cellulite damaged skin. Lemon oil works astringent and detoxifying on your skin and its antiseptic properties help in treating pimples and various skin disorders. It also may reduce excessive oil on the skin. That is not all. Add 1-2 drops to your teeth brush routine for white and shiny teeth experience. I tried it many times and it always works. So I will keep using it all March for a whiter smile in April.


Lemon is definitely my spring oil not only because of its skin benefiting properties but also of its ability to improve production of white blood cells. It also has anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, and antifungal properties and taste wonderful with water, juice or smoothies. Healthier hare tips? Massage 3-4 drops into your hare before you leave home. It is that simple.

Our feet need some extra care after winter. I can tell that because today I noticed that my feet had extreme dry skin areas. My recipe for that would be taking 5 minutes after shower and combining shea-butter with one of your favourite essential oils for deep and long lasting results. You will need those 5 minutes to let your skin absorb natural Shea butter because of its hard and fat consistence. I use Eucalyptus quit often for this ritual because I like stronger smells and cooling effects after worm shower.  17098599_1313640578724666_3303441286198782021_n

Enjoying a cup of tea and calming your mind to the state where you can set up some spring goals or just meditate and relax is already a win situation for your mind. I was lucky to get some sunshine after all and going for one more walk with very clear head and positive thoughts. So as you can see even if the morning wasn’t very productive and optimistic you can always turn it the other way. Stay positive and give yourself new chances every moment. You will not regret it but feel stronger and brighter afterwards.


I hope you enjoys some of this information and I would be glad if you leave a comment. If you are interested to buy some of these oils or would like to be part of our team, which means that I will be consulting you privately, please go to my contact page  and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or share your experiences and opinion.

How to avoid catching cold in winter

IMU: Its finally real winter around Europe! White snow and frosty weather is bringing more people to enjoy their walks outside compared to the rainy dark days we’ve been seeing earlier. Unfortunately changing temperatures, dry air indoors and not enough sun make our immune system work a little less well as in it would in the summer. Also, winter season is unfortunately well known as the best time of the year to catch a cold. We would like to share our experience with essential oils, which could prevent most of winter sneezes, and to help the body fight the symptoms if they are already there.


MU Thirst thing that comes to my mind when I hear someone complaining about a cold? THIEVES!!! This amazing oil blend contains Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon bark, Clove and Eucalyptus radiata essential oils and has its own legend which comes from 15th century.

IU According to the story in the 15th century four thieves were robbing victims of the plague without catching the disease them selves. Eventually they were caught and sentenced to death, however in exchange to their lives they revealed their secret – a blend of aromatic botanicals such as clove and rosemary and methods of extractions that kept them healthy in the deadly times. Thieves is a blend inspired by this story and the recipe used by the 15th century perfumers.

MU I tried it quite often and I can tell from my experience that one drop under your tongue when I start to feel the first signs of cold can strongly impact your body’s reaction to surrounding viruses. Ok it might be not the best thing you’ve tasted… but if you dilute it with a spoon of honey or put it in a glass of warm vegetable milk it is not as strong as it were pure. I actually got so used to the taste of it that I never dilute this oil anymore and sometimes even forget to tell my friends they should be prepared for small explosion of tastes and scents…

At every big project I play at as a musician there is always a person who’d catch a cold. And it has become a tradition for them to come and ask me if I have Thieves with me. Most of the time it helps quickly if the person is not already deeply ill. But it can also sooth the throat pain and open a blocked nose if you are already at a later stage.


IU I tend to rub a drop or two on each foot before leaving home prophylactically during the cold season – especially if visiting cold Lithuanian winter. It is a safe place to apply the oil, it warms up my feet nicely and also works as a shoe purifier. However if I do come back from the cold feeling frozen, on the edge of becoming sick, I’d brew myself a cup of tea or just take a cup of warm water and mix in a drop of honey and a drop of thieves or peppermint to ease the breath. When the water is warm the smell tends to amplify so I inhale the vapour for a few minutes and then have an essential oil infused hot drink to warm up the body.

MU second most important oil for me in winter is Thyme. It has a spicy, warm, herbaceous aroma and reminds me of sunny summer days. When I was little we used to pick fresh thyme and dry it for winter. This plant was known in ancient times as a medicinal herb and it supports the immune, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. I put it diluted on my chest and feet for the night and wear something warm if I don’t feel fit. And I love it on my ear tips (be careful not to put inside the ear though) when I have to leave home shortly after the shower. 16106951_10154332678127198_13432110_o

IU After shower or after a long bath is my favourite time to apply hot oils on the feet. The pores are open and a drop of thyme, oregano or cinnamon feel and smell amazing and give me feeling of confidence and warmth in winter. Generally oils are fantastic after soaking in the water as it makes them stronger but I’d use something lighter as eucalyptus or citrus with the carrier oil for the whole body.

MU Use a diffuser for cleaning the air at home. Dry air is one of the biggest problems in winter. You need the radiators to stay warm, but it’s an enemy number one for your nose and skin. Be sure to let the fresh air in even for short periods of time at least a few times a day. Diffusing Thieves or any other essential oils and blends which have the ability to prevent traffic of different bacteria and viruses in your living room. It can also help your body to support the immune system natural way.

IU Lastly, I got into a habit of having Inner Defence with me, it’s been very useful when traveling. It’s an easier alternative when packing in a rush as the capsule is already pre made and contains very potent essential oils.

MU I normally try to drink more fresh vegetable and fruit juices adding a few drops of essential oils into them. The reason is very simple: in winter I never eat enough greens in raw form because it is a cold meal and juicing helps me consume large amounts of vitamins and minerals which essential for your immune system. Adding different combinations of oils to these juices is the easiest way to support your body. Keep it green on the inside when it’s white outside! 15874627_1262149927207065_3055024130455180013_o

10 important interesting things about essential oils

1. Therapeutic grade essential oils have no expiration date if they are stored well.

2. You should never heat up the oils over 90 C because they lose aromatic and therapeutic benefits.

3. If you make DIY sprays or any beauty products with EO always keep them in a glass containers. Undiluted essential oils can break down specific types of plastic at high concentrations. This may compromise the oil, and may cause leakage.


4. When putting the oils on your skin always have a carrier oil with you if you should feel any irritation. Most of EO should be diluted before applying them. Mixing EO with water will enhance the effect on your skin, so that’s actually really useful if you are considering making DIY body spray with two ingredients – water and EO. Try out the Peppermint + Lavender spray for hot summer days it helped me fight the heat many times.

5. All citrus essential oils like Lemon, Orange, Lime etc. react to sunlight so you should avoid applying these oils on your skin if you are going to spent some time outside in the sun.

6. Carrier oils are very important for Aromatherapy and can differ in quality. Some oils can be absorbed faster than the others. For example Shea butter is great for your lips and can help protect your skin from cold and wind in winter but it feels a bit heavy and stays on your skin for a long time. Jojoba is great for all face skin procedures because it doesn’t leave a shiny effect and is absorbed quit fast. The most universal oil which I use a lot is coconut oil. It has a very pleasant smell and is great for your skin and hair.

7. Essential oils are volatile products and stay in your body for about 48 hours during which they can influence psychological and physical processes in a positive way.

8. Some oils can increase your concentration levels (Peppermint, Rosemary), others have relaxing and soothing effects (Lavender). Some are great to deal with muscle pain after workout (Wintergreen, Basil) and some are helpful for our hormone system because of their ability to influence hormone levels and to balance them (Sage, Thyme, Sandalwood).  15183925_10154173176047198_42201918_o

9. Your hair is great when it comes to absorbing and carrying the smell so one of my favourite methods for using EO is simply rubbing them in to slightly wet hair.

10. Everyone is different so there will always be oils you love and some which you won’t. Some oils can be very unpleasant even if we know how good they are supposed to be for us.This happens because of our limbic system and its function to connect different information like smell, memories and emotions (check this link for full explanation about limbic system: ) Try to find your favourites because they can lift you up by simply sending the message to your brain that everything is going great! The smell can bring you back in time for pleasant memories or surround you with positive associations and that’s something you are going to be thankful for because most of us live in such fast changing environment and have to deal with stress daily. So if you are having a rainy day, carry your sunshine in your bag or pocket and breathe it in at anytime.  15184015_10154173176692198_1458417860_o

Therapeutische ätherische Öle

Es gibt so viel Information und Angebot am Markt der ätherischen Öle, dass man sich dazwischen leicht verlieren kann. Schwierig erscheint es den Überblick zu behalten, zwischen der Qualität und reinen Quantität an Produkten. Die Preisunterschiede schwanken unglaublich, zum Beispiel kostet die gleiche Menge Melissen Öl zwischen 5 und 180 Euro pro Flasche. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen dem bunten Fläschchen aus dem Drogerie Markt und Amazon oder anerkannten Firmen, wie Young Living? Wieso sollte man mehr Geld für das gleiche Produkt ausgeben und was sind die Sparkonsequenzen?


Menschen die sich schon länger mit der Aromatherapie beschäftigen, werden ihnen immer den gleichen Rat geben: verwenden Sie nur die Öle, welche mit dem Grad therapeutisch gekennzeichnet sind. Was heißt das also? Es gibt 4 Typen der ätherischen Öle heute auf dem Markt:

         Synthetische (im Labor hergestellt)

         Angereicherte oder gepanschte (Duftstoff Grad)

         Natürliche und zertifizierte Öle

         Therapeutisch hochgradige ätherische Öle

Synthetische Öle sind auf dem Markt weit verbreitet, da sie billig produziert sind. Sie haben keine therapeutische Wirkung und können sogar schädlich sein. Duftstoff Öle können gesundheitsschädliche Chemikalien enthalten. Beide Typen findet man in Drogerien, Souvenirläden und sogar Naturläden. Der Schwerpunkt bei „natürlichen“ und „biologischen“ Ölen liegt auf dem Wachstum in einer natürlichen Umwelt ohne Chemie, was logischerweise einen gravierenden Schritt bei der Qualität bedeutet, im Vergleich zu den anderen. Es bestehen zwei Problemfelder. Erstens, werden die Begriffe wie „natürlich“ oder „biologisch“ viel zu oft für Werbestrategien verwendet und sind nicht wirklich genau kontrollierbar. Und zweitens, sagt es nichts über die Prozesse der Destillation aus, die für die chemischen Zutaten des Öls entscheidend sind. Diese drei Typen der ätherischen Öle machen den größten Teil des Marktes aus.


Therapeutische Öle sind reine, medizinische, dampfdestillierte Öle, mit allen gewünschten therapeutischen Wirkstoffen, die man innerlich und äußerlich  anwenden kann, wenn man sich vor der Anwendung gut darüber informiert. Das heißt, dass sie sich nicht nur durch die hohe Qualität auszeichnen, sondern auch ihre Gesundheit und Wellness steigern können.

Es gibt wenig Firmen, die therapeutische ätherische Öle anbieten und sie sollten sich gut informieren, bevor sie das Produkt kaufen. Wir verwenden Produkte von Young Living, weil die Firma eine offene Politik (jeder kann die Pflanzenfelder besuchen und diese aus erster Hand erfahren)  und strenge Kontrollen bei der Produktion anbietet, mit dem Siegel „Seed to Seal“.

Alles worüber wir schreiben werden, kann nur deswegen positive Auswirkungen auf unseren Alltag haben, weil wir unsere Erfahrungen mit therapeutischen Ölen gemacht haben und es bringt uns jeden Tag neue Inspiration und Freude.

 Also… Tief einatmen.


Therapeutic grade Essential Oils

It is easy to loose oneself in an essential oil market. The range of information and oil supply is vast and it can be difficult to choose and more importantly to fully evaluate the differences in quality. The price range is huge, a bottle of Melissa online could cost you from 5£ to 180£. So what are the differences between them, why should you pay more for the bottle same size and what are the consequences of choosing the cheaper one?

Main advice if you are using oils – use only the best quality ones. There are 4 types of essential oils on the market today:essential_oil_pyramid-copy

  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Natural and certified oils
  • Enriched or adulterated (perfume grade)
  • Synthetic (manufactured in the laboratory)


Synthetic oils are widely used purely because they are much cheaper, they have no therapeutic effect and could even be harmful in some cases. Perfume grade oils can be adulterated and contain chemicals. Both of the two previous types can be sold in convenience stores (even the healthy ones), drugstores and souvenir shops.  The “natural” and “organic” oils are distilled from the plants grown in a natural environment without chemicals, which is a huge step up compared to synthetic, and perfume grade ones. However, there are two problems there. Firstly, terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are used very loosely these days and are not an indicator anymore; secondly it does not tell us anything about the distillation process which is crucial in extracting all the right compounds. All of the above make up most of essential oil market.6127562625_288796a9d6_o

23145184734_d998e47760_oLastly, the smallest category is Therapeutic grade. Whenever we talk about essential oils we refer to therapeutic oils which are pure, medical, steam-distilled, contain all desired therapeutic ingredients. They are highest quality, safe and can bring benefits to your health and wellness.

There are a few companies that offer therapeutic essential oils and researching your source is a must. Inform yourself well before buying the product. We use Young Living because of it’s open company policy (everyone can visit their farms and have a first hand experience) and strict controls on the production and “Seed to Seal” process.

Everything what we are going to write on this Blog is based on our positive experiences that inspire us and is bringing joy to us every day.

Let’s take a deep breath.


How to get the smell of Rio back

I had a great opportunity to visit Rio in the Summer of 2007. I went on a concert tour with lots of amazing memories which I still carry with me. One of those is a smell and taste of raw papaya… So as you can imagine it’s almost impossible to get these fruits ripe enough in Europe but I still risk from time to time and then leave them on my window for days hoping they would ripe…

Last time I opened one that was pretty sweet and juicy inside it was on a cold morning  and the first snow was already outside.. I really needed that warm memory of Rio back to get the kick for the day… So I came up with idea of putting 2 drops of Citrus Fresh oil blend on the fruit. It was the last element to bring the exact feeling and taste of Copa Cabana in to my room!

I think that’s a perfect flavour to add to my fresh fruit salad. The taste depends a lot from the smell and the taste of the oil blend is really refreshing in the morning added to a glass of water. How does the smell of Brazilian summer go with the snowy mountain panorama? Well…