The Story of Different Lavenders

Once upon a time, there were plenty of different lavender plants in France. It took lots of effort and love to cultivate the plants and gather them. The traditional lavender farming has a long story and its very interesting to research if you have time for it. But one day people discovered Lavandin, a plant which looks and smells like traditional lavender. It was easier and cheaper to grow, and everybody were exited. Forget the traditional lavender, lets grow lavandin! Woohoo! And they did that. One problem though… Lavendin does not produce seeds and has absolutely different abilities as lavender…


What does Young Living have to do with all this? Gary Yong, the founder of Young Living took the knowledge about traditional farming to USA in 80s. He also brought the seeds of different traditional lavender with him and began his story over the seas (you can read the story of young living here). At some point there were a real lavender seed crisis in France because of many farmers were growing lavandin. Gary brought the seeds back to France. Supporting the traditional cultivation and building one of his distilleries in Provence. He literally helped farmers to keep on their tradition and work. There is a special Provence Collection on Young Living product list and you can read more about the farm here.20180711_131348

This was the place where Ingrida and I spent our time. Ingrida almost lives there all the summer and I assume it will be a long winter in London for her after this lavender paradise. I promised I will tell you about different lavender types. This is very complicated to put shortly in a blog text. For all of you who are interested to learn more about it I recommend visiting Provence and its charming castle Simiane-la-Rotonde.

20180711_172915In this castle you will find Young Living Shop and its host Philipe who can answer all your questions about plants, oils, seeds, aromatherapy… basically everything about essential oils. Story from the source is always very exiting! You also can contact us which is a little bit easier and we will try to answer every question. But seriously, don’t hesitate and visit Provence because its unforgettable!

Meet the Lavender…

Fine/ true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), as it is often referred to, grows from 800 metres to 1800 metres above sea level, as a small cluster with 5-7 rows of single flowers on each stem. This helps us to differentiate fine lavender from lavandin. There is a variety of fine lavender called Maillette lavender. Whilst you may find many different varieties of Lavandula angustifolia in a field of fine lavender, Maillette lavender plants look almost like clones.

Spike lavender grows from 400 to 800meters. It has many spikes per stem and grows in large clusters. Like fine/ true lavender it reproduces by seed.

Wild true lavender is considered the best lavender in the world. It is pure and only grows where the conditions are ideal, between 700 and 1000 metres.

Wild lavender shares the same properties as the cultivated lavender, but also possesses a wider range of molecules, some of which are quite rare.  This is comparable to differences between meat from wild/organic sources and conventional meat. 20180711_172941

Lavandin grows between sea level and 800 metres above. It is a hybrid which came about through bees transporting pollen from the true lavender to the spike lavender. Like spike lavender it grows in very large, round clusters with 7-12 rows of single flowers on each stem. It either has 1,2, or 3 spikes. It may have 1 like the fine/ true lavender or 2 like the spike lavender, or it could have 3.
Much less expensive to grow than true lavender it is used on an industrial scale to scent many of the household products we use each day. Although often confused with true lavender it has a considerably less subtle aroma. Another contrast with true lavender is its comparative lack of health supporting benefits.
Lavandin does not produce seed. Reproduction is achieved by cutting which happens in autumn which leads to more wood. The cuttings are left in sandy soil throughout winter without light to grow roots, but not flowers. Although some farmers buy ready-to-plant plants, others have their own greenhouse for reproduction. Additionally, plants are also grown in greenhouses from seed. The cultivation of lavandin is highly industrialised and employs specialised machinery and equipment.


I took the information from the homepage of Young Living Provence which I highly recommend for looking up. For any other questions about the oils, visiting the farms, and learning more about the distillery process, contact us. We are always ready to share the stories and knowledge with you!

Lavender Fields in South France



This summer is really something. Lots of traveling, meeting new people, spending time with family, and the highlight spot South France! Ingrida and I decided to spend few days in a small beautiful village in South France where Young Living grows plants for essential oils and distillates them at the modern distillery just directly in front of the fields. That was a great experience to see how Young Living company is creating a unique environment for the plants and turning them to our precious therapeutic essential oils. Oh, I could brag here for hours about the deep violet colour of lavender fields, golden yellow Einkorn, clary sage, thyme and oregano! Blue sky, wonderful weather and lavender everywhere you look.

As a registered member of Young Living everyone has a chance to visit Young Living farms in France or Croatia. All you have to do is contact a member who helped you to register and they will provide you with information about upcoming group visits to Young Living plant farms.


In my next post I will tell you the story about 3 different types of Lavender and what Young Living has to do with saving the old sorts seeds of Lavender in France. For now, I just wanted to share a few impressions and pictures before I will start to explain about plants, distillery working process, and how these amazing nature gifts slowly travel to a small 15 or 5 ml bottles that fits even in a smallest purse!

Stay cool and breath in some Lavender😊


3 Basic rules for stressful days

Dealing with stress can be really exhausting. In times when everyone understands stress as a normal reaction in everyday life it is very important to care about yourself and to find balance. I will be honest with you, last few months were pretty stressful for me because I wrote my bachelor thesis and had a lot of projects to deal with. Writing at night, having 16-hour day regime and dealing with deadlines was not very easy. But I want to share with you 3 major rules which helped me to harmonise my daily routine and to find motivation. All these rules are connected to the use of essential oils and are nothing new. Everyone knows them but sometimes we step away from basics  and push us over the limit.


So, how do we find time to integrate some time for ourselves, when there is no time for anything else except work and planning? Disciplined planning for week is crucial but doesn’t work in real life every time. Sometimes you switch things, sometimes give some spontaneous decisions and sometimes you work twice as hard on the next day and relax the day before.  

Rule No. 1. Morning shower routine. If you have a hard day coming take 15 min. extra for a shower routine with essential oils to prepare your body and brain for long hours of work. Take a small towel, put 3-5 drops of essential oil on it and lay the towel in to the bath or on the ground under the shower stream. I normally use Peppermint, Orange or Rosemary to wake me up. Warm water streaming on the towel while you shower will create a steam filled with essential oils and give you an amazing sauna moment which lifts you up. After warm shower use your favourite and skin friendly essential oil or blend and massage it to a wet skin. I mostly use Lavender, Grapefruit, Lemon or R.C.. Let your body dry naturally. Use some essential oils with your face cream or serum. Just put 1 or 2 drops of Frankincense, Lavender, Peace and Calming or Tea Tree for a full support of facial skin. Rub few drops of Thieves, En-R-Gee or Peppermint (depending on what is important for you) on to your soles and you are good to go.  

Rule No. 2. find some time for sport. Without physical activities your brain will work slower, and you will fight stress much harder. Sometimes a fast walk outside no matter what the weather is can bring you much more productivity as extra few hours planed. I do jogging, cycling and if it’s too cold I go for a longer session to the gym. I always put Eucalyptus, R.C. or Endoflex on my upper body and the back before my workouts to have a refreshing kick through the sense of smell and light cooling effect on my skin later when the sweat comes out. I use a DIY spray (100ml water+8 drops of lavender and R.C.) afterwards to help me cool down faster. I must say R.C. blend is my favourite for every sport activity. R.C. contains Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, myrtus communis oil, pinus sylvestris (pine) leaf oil, origanum majorana (marjoram) leaf oil, eucalyptus radiata leaf oil, eucalyptus citriodora leaf oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, cupressus sempervirens oil, tsuga canadensis leaf oil, and mentha piperita (peppermint) oil. personalized-spa-kit-for-mom-essential-oil-blends-to-de-stress-naturally

Rule No. 3. create a healthy sleep environment. If you are a bath person it’s a great idea to use essential oils for your bath ceremony evenings, just don’t forget to mix the oils with salt before you put them in to the water. Use only those essential oils with relaxing and calming abilities in the evening. These are Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Peace and Calming, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Pine, Cedarwood etc. After a bath relax yourself through massage. Take a mixture of any basic oil like coconut or almond with essential oil of your choice. Get enough fresh air into the bed room. Use a diffuser with Thyme, Sage or Lavender essential oils for 1 hour before you go to sleep in your bed room. A drop of Lavender or Stress away massaged in to your forehead will make the effect even stronger. Giving yourself a foot massage. It is a great opportunity to deal with tired feat and to support the main points and nerves with essential oils. I usually use a mix of Clove, Lemon or Rosemary, Wintergreen for this.

stress away yl essential oil

I think you understand that I just gave you an advice to take about 2 hours per day which would be only for you doing kind of basic things. If you like longer workouts it would be 3 hours. I integrate essential oils for these rituals much more often when I have lots of work and it always helps me to go through longer periods of time. I couldn’t imagine how I would deal with stress without them. It makes a huge difference and your body reacts to the effects very fast and well. I hope this was helpful and you can try some of these rituals in your daily life. These are only the basic things. I use essential oils every day in different combinations, but these 3 basic rituals always find place in my busy calendar. So let’s resume once more:1) take time and attention to your body when starting the day, 2) support physical activity with essential oils for a refreshing and cooling effects, 3) take time for your body and mind in the evening and prepare a sensual relaxing environment for your sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this article. You can contact me for any questions and support under this link:


Why choose essential oils

I thought this post should be a small back in, because of very silent few months on our blog. So I have decided to put a simple list to resume reasonable, logical and fun facts about why one should start using essential oils. I could thing about over 100 reasons for it but lets just stay with 15 right now.

imagesAR6MME71I will try to keep this very simple and answer the question from my experiences why you should choose to integrate essential oils in your daily routine. Here are the facts why I would write this article: I am using them daily almost 2 years now. I couldn’t imagine one single day without them, really, it’s like brushing your teeth… I study lots of scientific literature about essential oils and there is no end to that. I have it always in my purse and share it with people if they need help. I don’t have any medication at my home since I started to inform myself how one can choose the alternative but not esoteric way (I mean if something works, it can be explained by chemistry and science and not because of some spiritual dude was braging about…)  I discover new things every month and love to give the information for those who are interested. So here are the reasons why you should choose essential oils and begin to use them actively instead of only reading the information and putting it for “someday”.

1.       It is natural and ecologically friendly product for which your body will thank you.

2.       It is safe to use for you, your family members  and pets thanks to philosophy and quality requirements of young living.

3.       They are easy to use and could be taken everywhere.

4.       It improves your life in so many levels like health, beauty, spiritual, emotional, sensual etc.

5.       You may use it for massages, in SPA and for unique therapeutic procedures.

6.       It helps you with healthy shiny hear and safes you plenty of time in hair care. imagesN3FED7PQ

7.       Essential oils can help you solve so many different skin problems that I would need an extra page to write it down.

8.       They help you witch dental hygiene and bad breath.

9.       There is a hole list of different diseases which can be prevented and healed with essential oils.

10.   They are totally a must if you enjoy active sport and meditation.

11.   You get the compliment “wow you smell incredible” quit often. 

12.   You get the compliment “wow your home smells incredible” every time.

13.   The knowledge about essential oils is not new. It has thousands of years history and is not a fast hype which will pass. The Plants and chemistry are amazing and science is catching on this fast.  

14.   It is addictive in a good way and you will never regret if you will begin the journey in to the essential oils world of experience and wisdom. 5121195566_b4e8f5ca94_z

15. Essential oils are biologically active and work in the level of your cells. And yes they smell incredible and your limbic system knows best how to react to every single of them. 

Conclusion. We are all different people with different hobbies, characters and field of interests but from my experiences even the biggest sceptical is amazed when properly introduced to essential oils and the possibilities which they give you every time are overwhelming. So why choose essential oils? Because you have a choice and you should give it a chance. 


Healing bruises with essential oils

It’s been a while since I posted any new articles. I had extremely busy months and couldn’t sit down somewhere quietly to organize my thoughts and experiences. But hey, today is July and I have great summer coming up even if it means spending lots of time in libraries and writing my bachelor Thesis. I will visit London in August and stay there for one month, so I hope we can write lots of new articles with Ingrida together. There were many changes in our life in last six months but we also got new experiences with essential oils and exiting stories from people who are using them. I sure hope we will manage to put all those things online. berge1

One of my newest amazing moments was when I hurt my ankle bad last week while climbing the mountain. I live in Germany and love to go climbing if the weather allows it. But I also have a special talent to hurt one of my ankles almost every time I go down the hill. This is a disaster and I have no idea why I’m so successful at this… So when it happened again I got home and the ankle started swelling. I wondered if I should see the doctor because it looked quite bad. But it was not the first time for me and I had some bad injuries before so I’ve decided to leave it for few days and help myself with essential oils. I don’t say you shouldn’t consult the doctor if this happens. I just had lots of very similar injuries so I could say from pain level and moving opportunities that this was not so bad as it looked…

I had the injurie on Tuesday almost one week from now. I thought my leg will turn blue when the swelling is over but it didn’t happen. All this time I used a blend from Young Living called Pan Away. It is a strong blend against pain and is wonderful if you have spine or back pain problems. I should be open and tell that I don’t like the smell of it because it reminds me of medical pastes against pain in hospitals. You should also dilute it with any carrier oil and keep it away from children. I however didn’t dilute it and applied 4 drops 3 times a day directly to injured area. If I would have had an open wound it wouldn’t be possible for me to use it, because it can damage the skin. So never forget safety first, there are not so many essential oils which can be used on skin injuries directly.


  • abates pain and inflammation
  • may ease minor head tension
  • may relieve arthritic swelling
  • provides comforting warmth to overworked muscles
  • helps against muscle pain, bruising, cramps and spamspanaway

Because of my self-healing experiment in one week my leg looks fine, I didn’t get any blue bruises left, the swelling is over and I didn’t need any painkillers! So, if you’re climber or like any extreme sports which mostly end up with small injuries or you have back pain or any chronical pain which have something to do with muscles or ligaments then Pan away is a blend that you should keep near you. I had lots of positive experiences myself and heard wonderful stories from people who work with massage against chronical pain. There are many ways how we can help ourselves without using chemical treatment, which don’t get me wrong is there for us when we really need it and thanks for it to our doctors and medical specialist, but there are also alternative ways and everyone has a right to know about them.  Stay safe, watch out your step and if you have any questions contact me! I hope we all will have a great summer!berge2

Spring smells like patchouli!

Time passes and brings new ideas and smells in to my essential oil collection almost every month. This time I would like to introduce one of my favourite essential oils, which I discovered just before three weeks. This special oil gives a very delicate note to my beauty routine and I think will stay in my top 10 oil list for a longer time.

So what is so special about Patchouli essential oil? It has very strong musk smell and is also called the smell of the 60s. If you know anyone who took a part in Hippy movement of that time, they will recognize it without any explanations. Patchouli can mask and illuminate body odour and is used in perfume quit often. acoustic-guitar-487035_1280The Festivals of the flower children generation was filled with patchouli smell… So that’s the modern side of the story. It is also known as the smell of the Orient and this may be the thing which works so strong on me. Since I was a child I loved Indian culture and as teenager I spent lots of time in small India shops which were filled with different scents and aromas. When I opened the bottle of essential oil all those pleasant memories suddenly came back and my imagination was free to travel through them.

I ordered this oil because of other reasons actually. I read a lot and found out that this oil prevents hair loss and helps to regenerate skin cells. A real must have for those who like to make their own facial care products. My facial care is based on a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut and some skin friendly essential oils like lavender, cedar wood, frankincense and few others. It was logical for me to get this one too, because I like to experiment a lot and try different combinations. In my opinion this is very aromatic, skin smoothing and revitalising essential oil which I apply every 3 or 4 days after the scrub or if I have any skin problem issues. You only need a few drops of patchouli and 4 drops of jojoba to have a perfect evening facial care or a revitalising after a longer party in the morning. It also can help with scars, acne or cracked skin.14684937375_a4e59e78a0_z

The other thing which you definitely must know about it, is that it helps to balance emotions and is a natural antidepressant for those who have mood shifting during the sprig period. This happens because the oil encourages the release of dopamine and serotonin, two powerful hormones, which are directly linked to our feeling of happiness and good mood. Speaking about hormones, Patchouli is known for hundreds of years as a natural aphrodisiac. The old wisdom is explained through modern science which found out that it boosts production of testosterone and oestrogen, the most important libido hormones. In this case patchouli could help with impotency and have an unexpected positive impact on intimate relationship.

If that wasn’t still enough, this essential oil is antifungal, boosts immune system, fights infections, works as bug repellent,fights fever etc. Wow, that’s a long list… From my experience, I can say that it works wonderful on my hair and skin. Try using it on hair tips after every wash for few weeks and you will see the results. Just massage 4-6 drops into wet hair, and I also guarantee that the smell stays all day long, so you will get lots of compliments on that. I also use it as night care for my face, neck and decollate especially after hot bath or sauna. Using it as natural Deo also worked quit well for me as well as a shoe spray. For shoe spray, you will need a small spray bottle 50 ml which you fill with alcohol and put 8 drops of patchouli. Spray the inside of leather shoes to avoid sweaty feet smell. If you dilute the same amount of oil with 100ml of water you will have unforgettable facial and refreshing spray which has place in every bag. orient

There are many ways how you can use it for skin care and wellness. Don’t hesitate asking questions or leaving comments under this post and if you would like to order it and be a part of my team follow the link below. I hope this was interesting and will open your horizon for further research. Enjoy spring and find your special smells to keep the sunny mood up!

Spring is in the air Part 2. Sports and muscle pain

Spring is a season for new goals in sport and personal fitness. Early sunny mornings and blooming nature makes it much easier for us to spend more time outside and planning our jogging, hiking or any other outside sport routine. However the first weeks can be devastating because no one wants to begin the training from level zero. It has to be fast, energetic and sweaty otherwise it doesn’t count… I am talking about me but I assume that I’m not only person who makes this mistake. I just don’t have patience to start slow and build up, if I do sports it has to be full power. So if it’s a bike tour it has to be at least 20 km and if I start muscle training at the gym it has to be one hour of intensive workout. No wonder that I have massive muscle pain after these power ups… But to tell yourself that you are not in a good shape after 4 months of lazy winter is embarrassing, so I better stick with muscle pain…

I would like to share with you some information about 3 essential oils from Young Living which are my number one when it comes to muscle pain. All of those I use topically diluted with carrier oil (coco nut, almond etc.). They are truly amazing and can be used after any sport activity which you prefer. Like I already mentioned before my favourite activities are biking, jogging and muscle training in gym. I recommend to try these essential oils if you want to avoid so called after workout hangover.

Aroma Siez is a blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint and Cypress essential oils. It helps to sooth the muscle pain after workout and exercise of any type from stretching to intensive cardio workouts. It also can help avoid pain in your feet after a long working day if you have to stand for long periods of time. Massaging it to your shoulders and neck helps to take long day tension and to relax your shoulder line muscles. I normally apply it directly after the workout and shower on slightly wet skin with some almond oil to those areas which I feel tomorrow will hurt the most. 20170314_153247

The second oil which I would  recommend after an intensive mountain hiking tour or longer jogging interval is Wintergreen. Wintergreen is one of those oils with very strong smell of medicine and I bet you know the smell if you have ever had back muscle problems and used some creams or warming plasters from a doctor. I have to be honest, I use this oil not so often because the smell is very annoying for me and I see it as pure medical oil for those cases when I know no stretching will help me now and I will not be able to step out of my bed tomorrow… My boyfriend who already ran a full marathon is using it after every longer training and he is very happy with the results.

Wintergreen is very powerful oil and has to be always diluted before using. It is most known for its use against rheumatism, arthritis and bone or joint pain. The list of abilities, which this oil provides is quit long and you can find lots of information online about its medical properties. Just to name few: analgesic, eliminates pain, relaxes muscle tension, simulates circulation of blood in applied area and speeds up the removal of toxins, reduces spasms, antiseptic etc. So if you came home after a workout that was over your limits and your muscles still tremble because of the stress I would recommend a massage with wintergreen every 8 hours or even before stretching if you skipped that part.img_4158

The last but not least is Basil essential oil which is great if you thought “oh it was not so much what I did today I think I will be fine” and the next day you feel that you have muscles in places where you wouldn’t expect it to be… That happens if you are trying something new like climbing or some new workout where you train groups of deep muscles. Or you just think that the exercises outside have the same effect as in gym. I can tell you really honesty that working out with a bench outside on sunny morning means unexpected positions and use of different power resources. It hurts like hell the next day because one underestimates small changes, motivation kick and long winter months spent on couch…

32358647090_5e79ec8b9c_z (1)So what does Basil do? Firstly it is also analgesic like Wintergreen and reliefs pain when used topically. It does a great job when it comes to healing fatigued or aching muscles and is a source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and antibacterial agents. Aromatically used it provides clarity and mental strength. I apply it undiluted on stressed area with a little bit of water and massage it deeply through the pain. Afterwards I put some carrier oil because Basil can cause unpleasant burn on the skin. Most of the time it worked for me to fight strong muscle pain which is caused by physical activity and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who likes to push themselves to the limit and realises that only the next day.

I hope you enjoys some of this information and I would be glad if you leave a comment. If you are interested to buy some of these oils or would like to be part of our team, which means that I will be consulting you privately, please go to my contact page  and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or share your experiences and opinion.

Spring is in the air! Part 1.

Long waited and feared spring season is finally stepping in! Long waited because of sun, blooming nature and longer days. But let’s be honest after a lazy wintertime our fitness levels, skin, immune system and lots of other things are not working on high levels. Normally because of changing weather depression, flue and migraine stands in the same row as sunny weather, spring flowers and romantic feelings. But we can change all that if we concentrate on some of the aspects of our body and mind care. This will be a row of few posts with tips, ideas and goals which I would love to share with you and maybe make your spring even sunnier!

How did my morning started on 1st of March… I overslept everything, I stayed in bed reading some crap posts on Facebook and different tragedies which the newspapers loves to write about so much. This was a normal holiday morning when I step out of bed at 10.30 AM even though I promised myself I will wake up early and go to a sport club. It snowed and rained outside… very motivating isn’t it. When I finally got myself out of bed I remembered that this is my last week of holydays before the semester begins and I will be running from one place to another like crazy. So I pulled myself together opened my fridge and made some vegetable detoxing juice to get my stomach working and motivating my ego to change this day to something more suitable for spring. 17093176_10154457188347198_716713854_o16999135_1313640582057999_4879532247926409066_n

I jumped into my jogging outfit and went for a long walk with some jogging intervals. I took Orange essential oil to motivate myself and keep the mood up even if it was no sun. That walk was actually great for my motivation to work and plan things and Orange oil did its job perfectly.

Afterwards I took a shower and made it my scrub day where I was washing the dead cells from the surface of the skin and lazy bad thoughts out of my head. The skin is really dry after winter season. Lemon, Grapefruit or Lime essential oils mixed with some almond or coconut oil helps your skin to regenerate fast and has an amazing impact on cellulite damaged skin. Lemon oil works astringent and detoxifying on your skin and its antiseptic properties help in treating pimples and various skin disorders. It also may reduce excessive oil on the skin. That is not all. Add 1-2 drops to your teeth brush routine for white and shiny teeth experience. I tried it many times and it always works. So I will keep using it all March for a whiter smile in April.


Lemon is definitely my spring oil not only because of its skin benefiting properties but also of its ability to improve production of white blood cells. It also has anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, and antifungal properties and taste wonderful with water, juice or smoothies. Healthier hare tips? Massage 3-4 drops into your hare before you leave home. It is that simple.

Our feet need some extra care after winter. I can tell that because today I noticed that my feet had extreme dry skin areas. My recipe for that would be taking 5 minutes after shower and combining shea-butter with one of your favourite essential oils for deep and long lasting results. You will need those 5 minutes to let your skin absorb natural Shea butter because of its hard and fat consistence. I use Eucalyptus quit often for this ritual because I like stronger smells and cooling effects after worm shower.  17098599_1313640578724666_3303441286198782021_n

Enjoying a cup of tea and calming your mind to the state where you can set up some spring goals or just meditate and relax is already a win situation for your mind. I was lucky to get some sunshine after all and going for one more walk with very clear head and positive thoughts. So as you can see even if the morning wasn’t very productive and optimistic you can always turn it the other way. Stay positive and give yourself new chances every moment. You will not regret it but feel stronger and brighter afterwards.


I hope you enjoys some of this information and I would be glad if you leave a comment. If you are interested to buy some of these oils or would like to be part of our team, which means that I will be consulting you privately, please go to my contact page  and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or share your experiences and opinion.

Supporting your body during fasting time

How many of you planed doing fast when spring is slowly knocking on the door? Or starting a new diet which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and eating habits? I am not a fan of any diet which is made just for a short time to lose a few kilograms, because as soon as you get back to your normal menu the suffering that it had costed you will not pay off. Your body will bring all the weight back and in most cases even a few kilograms extra. Fasting is a different case. There are all possible ways to choose your fasting menu and the period of time for it. Some people do that regularly like leaving out food for one day in a week. Some make it more extreme by choosing 3 or 7 days to stay on water only once in a year. For doing this on your own you should consult your doctor and inform yourself well. There are also less drastic formulas where you drink juice and some vegetable soup. The most important thing by choosing your fasting way is to know that you are not doing it for the weight loss even if it is a pleasant side effect. Fast is much more about regenerating your cells and boosting immune system to work properly. It also means avoiding any stress, bad emotions and thoughts. It is about taking time for yourself and giving your body an opportunity to clean it self properly.   5121195566_b4e8f5ca94_z

I am in the middle of a fast right now and it is my 6th day. I do it twice a year for quite a long time now. My menu is simple and you can eat as much as you want so you won’t starve and can work properly. Whole cycle contains 9 days in which you are only aloud to eat one group of products: 3 days natural cooked rice, 3 days fresh vegetables, 3 days fruits. You have to drink a lot of green tea and water. For my vegetable days I also press veggie juice and eat maximum one avocado a day. For the fruit days you can’t eat bananas or cherries because of high sugar levels. No salt! It is also recommended to take sauna or hot bath and to push your metabolism because sweating is an important function for washing toxins out of your body. It is proven that during fast our body activates the cleaning function in our cells (Autophagy).

So how can be essential oils helpful during these periods? Actually in lots of ways! Essential oils support our body during the cleaning process which is not always pleasant. Headaches, bad breath or low energy levels are experienced by most people.7855051884_84bcfb15f4_z Lemon essential oils is amazing companion during fast! It does not only boost your immune system but also helps to produce more white blood cells (leukocytes), support digestion and works especially well to your skin. You can also use Tangerine, Grapefruit, Orange or other citrus oils because they also lift your mood when there are not enough sunlight outside. For higher concentration levels I use Peppermint and Rosemary and I always have Lavender with me because avoiding stress for 9 days can be a challenge and this particular oil helps me to calm down and focus on positive thoughts and inner peace. I also drink a drop of Ginger to keep the digestive system working properly and clean my thong with a drop of Thieves blend mornings and evenings to avoid the bacteria spreading (white thong effect).  2017-02-08-14.25.01.jpg.jpg

You can get very sensitive about the smells during fast. Any smoke or chemical smell works quit bad and can even have an impact on your stomach. But these overreactions also gives an opportunity to listen to your body’s voice and choosing the right essential oil which you need at the moment! It is quite effective if you depend on you smell during fast because you feel the effects immediately. If your mind doesn’t know how to help you when having side effects let your nose guide you and I am sure this will be the right choice. You will be surprised how easy the fast can be using aromatherapy. I feel a huge difference between those fast periods before I was using essential oils and now. Even if I have really big projects running all this time I feel great! img_4211

If you choose to fast make sure that you are doing this only for you and not running after some hype from a popular magazine. Chose films and books which inspire you and be kind to your environment. Psychological fast is often forgotten by most of us. But the prime idea of fast came from religious and spiritual systems thousand years before we began to run after following the utopic perfection goals. So has the wisdom of healing plants and smells which we call aromatherapy of today. Combine this knowledge to find new experiences and values for new ways and fresh thoughts. 5563944146_87c306a277_z









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Lovely Rituals and Winter Skin Care

It is freezing outside, at least where I live. The temperature scale shows -13c at the moment I’m writing. We have very sunny and white winter season this year in Austria and I try to enjoy every moment of it. My skin unfortunately not always. So I would like to share with you a few tips how to protect your skin using some carrier and essential oils combined together. rosmary1

First product you should have in your bathroom during winter season is Shea butter. It is great when it comes to protection of your skin and lips. Before you go for a walk when there are minus temperatures outside you should always think about putting some on your face. It is also great for small children because the fat stays long on the surface of the skin and protects it. Now Shea butter doesn’t always has a pleasant smell if it is natural product, so essential oils are perfect to give a nice finish touch and a double boost for your skin. All you need is a small amount of Shea and 1-2 drops of following essential oils for a nice winter walk: Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Tee tree or Myrrh.

After a long day you should think about your skin in the evening. The changing temperatures when you work inside a building with dry hot air and walking outside in to the difference of more than 20 degrees down is not friendly at all. My rituals for that are quite simple. I wash my face with warm to hot water and rinse it with a natural cognac sponge. After that I spray homemade Face water (100ml water + 5 drops Wild lLvender, 3 drops Lemon) and put some coconut or jojoba oil with one of skin friendly EO. I really like Peace and Calming II blend or Wild Lavender in the evening. Don’t forget to open a window for 5 min before you enter the room for sleep and switch your diffuser on together with radiator. I find that Pine is a great oil to defuse for winter nights. It gives you a pleasant feeling of the forest smell and reminds of your walks in the nature. I also love to put few drops of Lemon or Orange to my evening herbal tea for great taste and a little bit of sunny spice. img_4142

Don’t forget your hair and lips. For hair it is always good to massage 3-4 drops of your favourite essential oil right in to the tips before you leave home. That is not only a stimulation but also very pleasant way to keep them healthy through extreme temperature changes. I normally put Shea butter quit often on my lips and I experienced that when you have dry lips and open skin it heals faster. Try putting a drop of Myrrh or Wild Lavender on it and let it stay for a minute. Then apply Shea butter and repeat firs step again. You can do it before you go to sleep and you will see the results in the morning.

If you were too long outside you should take a hot bath to keep you warm during the day or getting ready for good night sleep. Always check twice the abilities of oil, which you put in to the bath depending on time of the day you are taking it. Some oils will energise and give you a kick and some will be great for relaxation and calming down. Also be careful with “hot” oils like Peppermint, Sage, Thyme or Clove because they can irritate your skin in combination with hot water. And remember that EO are lighter then water so you should mix them with salt or bath oil before you put them in. cupoftee

After a hot bath is nothing better than a DIY body spray (water + EO) and nice combination of coconut or almond oils to keep the skin protected and silky. Last but not least… Now you can apply the “hot” oils into your feet like Oregano or the ones I talked about before and put some warm socks. That’s it! You will be able to make your winter time cosy, full of great smells and warm dreams without using 20 different products. Stay simple, chose your favourite winter smells and let them do all the job for your skin and body. With small rituals and right information you can avoid the problems which cold weather brings and leave more time for enjoying!

I hope you enjoys some of this information and I would be glad if you leave a comment. If you are interested to buy some of these oils or would like to be part of our team, which means that I will be consulting you privately, please go to my contact page  and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or share your experiences and opinion.