3 Basic rules for stressful days

Dealing with stress can be really exhausting. In times when everyone understands stress as a normal reaction in everyday life it is very important to care about yourself and to find balance. I will be honest with you, last few months were pretty stressful for me because I wrote my bachelor thesis and had a lot of projects to deal with. Writing at night, having 16-hour day regime and dealing with deadlines was not very easy. But I want to share with you 3 major rules which helped me to harmonise my daily routine and to find motivation. All these rules are connected to the use of essential oils and are nothing new. Everyone knows them but sometimes we step away from basics  and push us over the limit.


So, how do we find time to integrate some time for ourselves, when there is no time for anything else except work and planning? Disciplined planning for week is crucial but doesn’t work in real life every time. Sometimes you switch things, sometimes give some spontaneous decisions and sometimes you work twice as hard on the next day and relax the day before.  

Rule No. 1. Morning shower routine. If you have a hard day coming take 15 min. extra for a shower routine with essential oils to prepare your body and brain for long hours of work. Take a small towel, put 3-5 drops of essential oil on it and lay the towel in to the bath or on the ground under the shower stream. I normally use Peppermint, Orange or Rosemary to wake me up. Warm water streaming on the towel while you shower will create a steam filled with essential oils and give you an amazing sauna moment which lifts you up. After warm shower use your favourite and skin friendly essential oil or blend and massage it to a wet skin. I mostly use Lavender, Grapefruit, Lemon or R.C.. Let your body dry naturally. Use some essential oils with your face cream or serum. Just put 1 or 2 drops of Frankincense, Lavender, Peace and Calming or Tea Tree for a full support of facial skin. Rub few drops of Thieves, En-R-Gee or Peppermint (depending on what is important for you) on to your soles and you are good to go.  

Rule No. 2. find some time for sport. Without physical activities your brain will work slower, and you will fight stress much harder. Sometimes a fast walk outside no matter what the weather is can bring you much more productivity as extra few hours planed. I do jogging, cycling and if it’s too cold I go for a longer session to the gym. I always put Eucalyptus, R.C. or Endoflex on my upper body and the back before my workouts to have a refreshing kick through the sense of smell and light cooling effect on my skin later when the sweat comes out. I use a DIY spray (100ml water+8 drops of lavender and R.C.) afterwards to help me cool down faster. I must say R.C. blend is my favourite for every sport activity. R.C. contains Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, myrtus communis oil, pinus sylvestris (pine) leaf oil, origanum majorana (marjoram) leaf oil, eucalyptus radiata leaf oil, eucalyptus citriodora leaf oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, cupressus sempervirens oil, tsuga canadensis leaf oil, and mentha piperita (peppermint) oil. personalized-spa-kit-for-mom-essential-oil-blends-to-de-stress-naturally

Rule No. 3. create a healthy sleep environment. If you are a bath person it’s a great idea to use essential oils for your bath ceremony evenings, just don’t forget to mix the oils with salt before you put them in to the water. Use only those essential oils with relaxing and calming abilities in the evening. These are Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Peace and Calming, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Pine, Cedarwood etc. After a bath relax yourself through massage. Take a mixture of any basic oil like coconut or almond with essential oil of your choice. Get enough fresh air into the bed room. Use a diffuser with Thyme, Sage or Lavender essential oils for 1 hour before you go to sleep in your bed room. A drop of Lavender or Stress away massaged in to your forehead will make the effect even stronger. Giving yourself a foot massage. It is a great opportunity to deal with tired feat and to support the main points and nerves with essential oils. I usually use a mix of Clove, Lemon or Rosemary, Wintergreen for this.

stress away yl essential oil

I think you understand that I just gave you an advice to take about 2 hours per day which would be only for you doing kind of basic things. If you like longer workouts it would be 3 hours. I integrate essential oils for these rituals much more often when I have lots of work and it always helps me to go through longer periods of time. I couldn’t imagine how I would deal with stress without them. It makes a huge difference and your body reacts to the effects very fast and well. I hope this was helpful and you can try some of these rituals in your daily life. These are only the basic things. I use essential oils every day in different combinations, but these 3 basic rituals always find place in my busy calendar. So let’s resume once more:1) take time and attention to your body when starting the day, 2) support physical activity with essential oils for a refreshing and cooling effects, 3) take time for your body and mind in the evening and prepare a sensual relaxing environment for your sleep.

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