Healing bruises with essential oils

It’s been a while since I posted any new articles. I had extremely busy months and couldn’t sit down somewhere quietly to organize my thoughts and experiences. But hey, today is July and I have great summer coming up even if it means spending lots of time in libraries and writing my bachelor Thesis. I will visit London in August and stay there for one month, so I hope we can write lots of new articles with Ingrida together. There were many changes in our life in last six months but we also got new experiences with essential oils and exiting stories from people who are using them. I sure hope we will manage to put all those things online. berge1

One of my newest amazing moments was when I hurt my ankle bad last week while climbing the mountain. I live in Germany and love to go climbing if the weather allows it. But I also have a special talent to hurt one of my ankles almost every time I go down the hill. This is a disaster and I have no idea why I’m so successful at this… So when it happened again I got home and the ankle started swelling. I wondered if I should see the doctor because it looked quite bad. But it was not the first time for me and I had some bad injuries before so I’ve decided to leave it for few days and help myself with essential oils. I don’t say you shouldn’t consult the doctor if this happens. I just had lots of very similar injuries so I could say from pain level and moving opportunities that this was not so bad as it looked…

I had the injurie on Tuesday almost one week from now. I thought my leg will turn blue when the swelling is over but it didn’t happen. All this time I used a blend from Young Living called Pan Away. It is a strong blend against pain and is wonderful if you have spine or back pain problems. I should be open and tell that I don’t like the smell of it because it reminds me of medical pastes against pain in hospitals. You should also dilute it with any carrier oil and keep it away from children. I however didn’t dilute it and applied 4 drops 3 times a day directly to injured area. If I would have had an open wound it wouldn’t be possible for me to use it, because it can damage the skin. So never forget safety first, there are not so many essential oils which can be used on skin injuries directly.


  • abates pain and inflammation
  • may ease minor head tension
  • may relieve arthritic swelling
  • provides comforting warmth to overworked muscles
  • helps against muscle pain, bruising, cramps and spamspanaway

Because of my self-healing experiment in one week my leg looks fine, I didn’t get any blue bruises left, the swelling is over and I didn’t need any painkillers! So, if you’re climber or like any extreme sports which mostly end up with small injuries or you have back pain or any chronical pain which have something to do with muscles or ligaments then Pan away is a blend that you should keep near you. I had lots of positive experiences myself and heard wonderful stories from people who work with massage against chronical pain. There are many ways how we can help ourselves without using chemical treatment, which don’t get me wrong is there for us when we really need it and thanks for it to our doctors and medical specialist, but there are also alternative ways and everyone has a right to know about them.  Stay safe, watch out your step and if you have any questions contact me! I hope we all will have a great summer!berge2