Hi everyone!

We are Ingrida and Monika, two Lithuanian sisters living miles apart but sharing a passion for Aromatherapy. Both of us love our active lifestyles and we include essential oils into our everyday rituals ranging from health and beauty to emotional wellbeing. We also love sharing our experiences and discoveries in using essential oils. This is what led us to start a blog together. Don’t be surprised to see entries in German as well as English as we are based as we mentioned miles apart – London and Bayerisch Gmain.

So the purpose of this blog is to share the information how we integrate the oils into our daily routine, show you ways we use the products, discuss ideas together, find new and easy ways to feel great whenever and wherever you go and give you some tips and have some fun while doing it all!

We hope you will enjoy this blog, possibly find some answers and discover how those small heavenly smelling bottles can make a difference in your life in an unexpected way.